I have always loved fairytales and mythical creatures – fairies and sprites. It is no surprise then that the idea of fairies creating jewellery of their own, intricate with their own magical powers, came into my mind.

And my imagination created two fairies that make their jewellery with playfulness and love and with one mission – to spread positive thoughts and vibrations through their creations. Even those whose hearts have grown cold can feel the magic with the help of this otherworldly jewellery. The fairies, in their own way, help make our world a more beautiful place.

They are the fairies of the heart. They have a need to fashion the loveliest twinkling ornaments that provide protection for whomever wears them. But protection isn’t the only facet of these magical creations. A glance at such a necklace is enough for a person to awaken the strength of their own spirit and ignite warmth inside their own heart. They live on a small, but beautiful island where nature’s captivating beauty cannot be described, but only felt.

One of the fairies lives in the glistening waves of the eternally sunkissed sea. She weaves breathtakingly beautiful necklaces of magical white and silver threads, and jewels of the sea, pearls. The silver thread comes from the rays of early morning sun and sea itself.

She makes the white thread from the foam of the crashing surf. And in her intricate weave magnificent pearls are nestled. As she weaves her magic, she radiates beauty. Seemingly she is like any girl, but a strange spark in her eye gives her away.

The other fairy lives in the fields of lavander amongst the prettiest purple flowers, dressed in her lovely gowns. The lavander flowers are not only beautiful, their scent is so powerful that it fuels the fairy’s imagination. When she picks the gentle lavander flowers, sometimes she gets so cast in the magic of their scent that she gets carried away and forgets about the time. She, too, weaves in the early morning with the first rays of sunshine as the birds chirp happily. Knowingly so, as the morning sun provides an unusual luster to her necklaces.

Each day they diligently weave their threads, make their necklaces, every thread gently wrapped in positive thoughts, feelings, warmest wishes, and above all love. And so each necklace carries the finest fairy dust.