I am a graduate Fashion designer and a Master in Textile Design.

The love towards creative expression goes all the way back to my childhood. I was constantly surrounded by scraps and beads, and so my mother and I would always find different ways to create new designs. The love for sewing and jewellery making has grown over the years.

During my studies at the university, I started to make jewellery, which I crafted with a lot of love, emotion and positive energy. I love what I do and the magic the jewellery holds. Creativity is a very important asset to me, it represents a possibility to immerse myself into a world of my own. The dream of a better and a more sincere world I transform into my work and by doing so I leave my mark onto that jewellery.I often surprise myself, which means that crafting jewellery means my own spritual growth- creating something new, helps me grow.

The most exceptional moment in this process of creating is when the ornament reaches its person.

I find it incredibly important to develop and learn the creative technique further which in turn helps me establish my own creative mark. this is why i’ve turned to researching new and different materials. i’m especially excited by the new opportunities these new materials provide.

The jewellery that I make is a representation of myself and my current state of mind. Somehow I always put a tiny bit of myself into my work and I feel the gratitude and luck for having a job i genuinely love.